ASAP+’s GM of Digital Ventures, Kenx Gao, Presents on Mini Programs at Social One Workshop

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On April 26th, Kenx Gao, ASAP+ Head of Digital Ventures, was invited to participate in the closed-door seminar hosted by Social One entitled “From 0 to 1: Embracing WeChat Ecology and the Application of Mini-Programs and the Retail Industry”. The so-called “closed-door seminar” is designed for D-level brand marketers as an interactive platform built to gain insights and practical experience on the latest marketing trends as well as create a network of high-quality exchangable resources. During the seminar, Kenx selected the presentation topic of, “Building a closed loop ‘Mini-Program+’ and inspiring users’ core values”.

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Based on over 10 years of practical and first-hand experience in digital technology products, retail e-commerce, and operations, Kenx first pointed out three major pain-point induced questions encountered in the construction and operation of most brands’ mini-programs: "How do you identify the correct mini-program positioning?" , "How do you build a closed loop?", "How do you connect fragmented data?" During his presentation, Kenx put forward a series of specific strategic recommendations on the methods of solving the above issues.


From the closed-loop concept of "official accounts-to-mini-program-to-offline" to matrix layout, fission propagation, unbounded scenes, iterative thinking, and the use of SCRM to precipitate data and maximize closed-loop value, Kenx combines cutting-edge industry trends and ASAP+ latest cases provide an in-depth analysis of mini-program implementation methods. All of which provides meaningful inspiration for brands to better embrace WeChat ecosystems and tap into the business potential of mini-programs. 

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After the end of the interactive discussion session, Kenx also shared his thoughts, experience, and opinions on questions from individual guests ranging from brand-side, WeChat, and agency backgrounds regarding the source of traffic for brand mini-programs and the link between SCRM and brand activities. 


ASAP+ would like to thank Social One for hosting this informative and rewarding event. We look forward to any future collaborations and staying connected.


Please see Social One’s official WeChat post, in Chinese, covering the event here.